Question: Why is a Street Opening permit necessary?
Answer: A permit is necessary for working in the public Right of Way (ROW) for the following reasons:
a. To ensure that public infrastructure is maintained up to standards.
b. To protect residents and contractors from potential property damage and injury.
c. To confirm that local traffic and pedestrians are adequately warned of all work on and along city streets and sidewalks.

Question: What type of work requires a permit?
Answer: Any and all pavement repairs, utility work requiring excavation or boring, tree planting or removal, work involving culverts, intakes, sewers, and water mains, and any other major excavation or alteration within the public ROW requires a permit including equipment or materials storage and sidewalk or street closures.

Question: What is the process for obtaining a street opening permit?
Answer: To obtain a street opening permit you will need to submit an application this can be done using this portal. Prior to submitting the application please call dig safely for a mark out of utilities.

Question: How long is the permit valid?
Answer: The permit usually valid for 30 days from the date of approval.

Question: If I have an approved building or demolition permit, do I still need to get a street opening permit?
Answer: Yes, if your building or demolition project includes work that must be completed in the public ROW. No, if your building or demolition project will not have any work completed within in the public ROW.

Question: What do i need to get started?
Answer: To get started create an account or login it helps to have the contractor’s information along with insurance.

Question: Is there a permit fee?
Answer: Yes there's a permit fee and in some cases a deposit. The deposit is returned after the work has been completed satisfactorily